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April 8 Dr Jason Birch is presenting a talk on the Hatha Yoga Project at Yoga: Austerity, Passion and Peace event, British Museum, London UK
May 18-21 The team is presenting at the Yoga Darśana Yoga Sādhana conference in Krakow Poland
May 23-24 The team is presenting at a seminar at Poznan university. Poland
June 17 11am BBC Radio 4, Culture Wise: ‘The Secret History of Yoga’, featuring members of the team.
Available for 30 days afterwards on BBC iPlayer.
September 12-16 Workshop on Sanskrit Texts on Yoga at SOAS and All Souls, University of Oxford. UK
September 23-25 Dr James Mallinson is presenting at The International Society for Tantric Studies conference, Flagstaff, Arizona. USA
October 12-15 Dr James Mallinson is lecturing at Jnana Pravaha, Mumbai. India
October 21-22 Dr Jason Birch is presenting at the AyurYog Workshop: Rejuvenation, Longevity, Immortality. Perspectives on rasāyana, kāyakalpa and bcud len practices, the University of Vienna. Austria
November 18-21 The team is giving a series of lectures for the Master in Yoga Studies at L’Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia Italy
January 2017 Publication of Roots of Yoga by James Mallinson and Mark Singleton (Penguin Classics).
March 9-10, 2017 Dr Mark Singleton is lecturing at Jnana Pravaha, Mumbai