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April 8 Dr Jason Birch is presenting a talk on the Hatha Yoga Project at Yoga: Austerity, Passion and Peace event, British Museum, London UK
May 18-21 The team is presenting at the Yoga Darśana Yoga Sādhana conference in Krakow Poland
May 23-24 The team is presenting at a seminar at Poznan university. Poland
June 17 11am BBC Radio 4, Culture Wise: ‘The Secret History of Yoga’, featuring members of the team.
Available for 30 days afterwards on BBC iPlayer.
September 12-16 Workshop on Sanskrit Texts on Yoga at SOAS and All Souls, University of Oxford. UK
September 23-25 Dr James Mallinson is presenting at The International Society for Tantric Studies conference, Flagstaff, Arizona. USA
October 12-15 Dr James Mallinson is lecturing at Jnana Pravaha, Mumbai. India
October 21-22 Dr Jason Birch is presenting at the AyurYog Workshop: Rejuvenation, Longevity, Immortality. Perspectives on rasāyana, kāyakalpa and bcud len practices, the University of Vienna. Austria
November 18-21 The team is giving a series of lectures for the Master in Yoga Studies at L’Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia Italy
January Publication of Roots of Yoga by James Mallinson and Mark Singleton (Penguin Classics).
March 9-10 Dr Mark Singleton is lecturing at Jnana Pravaha, Mumbai